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surfing-lessons-los-angeles$100 for one person and $75 for each additional person. Subsequent lessons are then $75. Group rates can be worked out, as well as discounts for multiple lessons.

This is a two-hour session and will cover the basics of paddling, penetrating the shore break, positioning, standing, paddling, wave selection, the nuances of localism, how to deal with said localism, paddling and safety. Did I mention paddling? Wanna be a good surfer – be a good paddler. The best training for surfing is swimming.

People all learn at different rates. Surfing is a very difficult sport and most people need a few lessons to be proficient. It’s like playing an instrument. You can learn the basics in a short amount of time, but it will take a lifetime to master. I’m a pretty good instructor though. Board and wetsuit will be provided. Let me know your size, so that I can have the proper equipment for you.

Purchase surfing lessons online

For your convenience, I use the PayPal method for purchasing surfing lessons online. Please specify how many people you would like to schedule for a surf lesson and click the “Add to cart” button.

How many?

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