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Hello…thanks for stopping by.  You might have some questions in regards to stand up paddle boarding, and I’m here to answer them!

Who am I?

I’m the Wade of Sup with Wade.  Howdy!   In the past ten years, thousands and thousands of people have come down to our facility to learn the finer points of this new water craze we refer to as S.U.P.  There’s more about me and my staff under “instructors.”

Is it hard to learn?

Well, it depends. If you have reasonable mobility and are somewhat fit, it is very easy. If you struggle to get out of a chair and to walk around, it will be challenging to learn, but not impossible.  I’m a very good teacher, though.

Does one need a lesson?

Most untrained, first-timers to SUP paddle with their arms and usually have their paddles backwards.  Arms get tired really fast – especially when the wind starts blowing. Wind is created by a heat exchange, high and low pressures, cold and warm air bumping into each other, etc. Wind is something that we have to deal with while paddling. If your arms tire while paddling and the wind starts blowing, your body will act as a sail and you will be sent to wherever the wind wants – perhaps into the path of an oncoming sailboat.

Why take a lesson?

I teach a technique that allows you use your back, obliques, glutes, and legs. With this technique you can paddle for hours at a time. Anyone can learn this in a short amount of time. I can also say that I am the first in California to offer SUP instruction – the first. That being said, I’ve seen about every obstacle in learning and can get most anyone to succeed at SUP in one session. There is no need for multiple levels of instruction for flat-water paddling.

Learn to surf.

Once the paddling technique is mastered, you can consider taking our SUP surf class. The fundamentals of SUP surfing can be taught in little time; however, to master is a lifelong pursuit. After years of riding the biggest and most challenging surf on the West Coast, I’m always figuring out new stuff.  All SUP surf students get unlimited lessons until they can catch waves on their own.

Why San Pedro?

There is a hidden gem in Southern California, straight down the 110 freeway, known as Cabrillo Beach.  It’s at the southern end of Palos Verdes peninsula.  It’s clean and perfect for flat-water paddling.  There is also a south-facing beach break, about 1/4 mile from our private beach location, that offers soft and gentle waves.  This is a perfect spot for those who are interested in SUP-surfing.  We have an Olympic pool at our facility which allows us to train large groups if necessary – up to 30.  I teach the classes myself and have other instructors to help out when needed.

That should about cover it.  Click on the “lessons” tab, sign up for a lesson and get into the best shape of your life.