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There have recently been some issues in Marina del Rey.   Water quality has been in question (see recent report.)  Mothers Beach also has a stingray infestation problem, and it is most prohibitive during the popular summer months.  For those reasons, and in light of the growing hostility in the area between boaters and paddlers (there was a recent serious collision between a paddler and a boat), we have decided to move the bulk of our operation to San Pedro’s Cabrillo Marina, which has an “A” rating and has far less boat traffic.

Availability in Marina del Rey is severely restricted; if you want the best rates and the most available options, call us about our San Pedro location.  Cabrillo Marina is a beautiful small boat marina, similar to the marina in Marina del Rey (don’t think cruise liners, oil tankers, and container ships).  As we said above, the water quality is perfect; the water is clear and the docks are well-maintained.

Purchase stand up paddle board lessons in Los Angeles online

For your convenience, I use the PayPal method for purchasing paddle board lessons online. To clarify, PayPal is on our end — you can use PayPal or a credit card when you check out.  Please specify how many people you would like to schedule for a SUP lesson and click the “Add to cart” button.  I like to talk to everyone personally to schedule the lessons, as lots of factors go into choosing the right time for your paddle.  You won’t get the option to schedule your lesson on-line if you pay below — give me a call before you pay and we’ll work out the details.

All lessons are group lessons.  We never have more than six people per instructor in a group, so we ensure you get all the personal attention you need.  The prices below assume one, two, or three or more spaces in a group of six or fewer paddlers.  For this reason, you MUST show up on time for your lesson; if you are not on time, we will start without you and you will forfeit your space in the lesson.
If you want a “private” lesson, please select the button for private lessons for details on pricing.

SUP lessons Marina del Rey

This Location Is Close To:

  • Venice Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Brentwood
  • Westwood
  • Playa Del Rey
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Culver City


  • szu ann chen

    Hello, I would like to book paddle board lessons for this coming Saturday 10/12 for 3 people for the afternoon time (1/5 hours before sunset). I want to make sure this time slot is available before I book. thanks.

    • Hey Edgar…I’m not used to getting questions on the site.
      We do classes all day on the weekends. The best time is
      8am, as there is no wind. Call me whenever. Wade

  • Claudia

    Hi Wade,
    I’m interested in signing up for SUP for myself and my son (mature 9 year old.). Do you have any availability for this Saturday? I have already purchased the lessons for 2 people just now.

  • Hiroshi Matsumoto

    I’ve just paid for two for Paddle Lesson on 9/20 10:00am.
    Please reply back to me as confirm.
    I’m from Hawaii and have experience for stand up paddle, but we have
    no experience in LA. So please show us around & give us free time to
    do paddling ourselves.

    Thank you.


  • Guadalupe

    Just got back from SUP classes with Zeb, and just how expected they were awesome!!!! He was very patient as well have very clear and easy to understand instructions. Had a wonderful time. Highly recommend!!!

  • jeff

    I would like to put together a private group lesson with about 12 people. It’s that doable and is the price negotiable?

  • marcie

    I want to make a reservation for a group lesson for myself and my 9 and 10 year old daughters? Can I book now for July or should I just wait?


  • My dad and I are thinking about going somewhere for my senior trip. And paddle boarding is something that we had in mind to do. We both have never done it, so we want to make sure we learn how. This website seems like a really good place to learn how to do the basics. I will make sure I let my dad know about this website.

  • Shah (Akbarshakh Akhmerov)

    Hi Wade,

    Just purchased a paddle board lesson for two. Don’t have a specific time in mind, as these tickets will be a gift. Will the recipient be able to schedule a time on their own?


  • Nilska Guerrero

    Hi, I saw your website and I am interested in the group SUP lessons.
    I want to celebrate a birthday doing this so I’m wondering if you have any deals if I bring in a group of 6 to learn. Thanks.

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