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In October of 2007, I was working freelance production in TV/film, the perfect career for a young man in his twenties but not the best career to age into.  It was time for a change and the opportunity to learn to fly a helicopter presented itself.

One of the reasons I started teaching paddleboard lessons in the first place was that I needed something to do while finishing my flight training.    Here it is…2018…and I have racked up almost 3000 hours of flying around Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Florida, the Grand Canyon, and numerous other locations.

Being a Certified Flight Instructor with both an aerial photography contract and an instruction gig, my availability is limited.  At any one time, I have a handful of demanding flight students at various stages of their training.  Not to mention, of course, I run a SUP school.  With enough advance planning, we can find a window where I can get away and give you an aerial tour of L.A. in about an hour.

If this is something you’d like to do, send me a note and we’ll put something together.

I can take three people at a time and prices range anywhere from $150-$280 per person depending on how many of you there are and what you’d like to see.

The BEST way to see Los Angeles…is from 700 feet.



*All tours operated through Lite Flight Helicopters.