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For each lesson, there is a bit of preparation that is involved.  Here are the details for an 8AM session:

I wake up at 6:45AM, remind myself that someone is really excited about learning SUP, eat, shower, put myself together, drive to the location, unload equipment,  carry boards down to the water, get in my car, and go back home because I usually forget something.

I park again, head back down to the beach, and wait for my lesson to show.

After my lesson, I take each 35-lb. board up to the storage rack and rinse the sand off.  I then re-load the boards into the shop. I go to Rex’s for coffee, count my money and am reminded why I do this for a living.

Now…when someone doesn’t show up, I still go to Rex’s where I have to convince myself that other people have lives and sometimes things happen which prevent them from making the lesson.

In addition to the above, I clear my schedule and don’t make plans with other potential students.  For that reason, I have a 24-hour re-scheduling policy for small groups, three days for groups of six or more.  Failure to re-schedule within 24 hours (or three days) will result in a re-scheduling fee of $30/person.  I’m serious.

There is one exception to my re-scheduling policy: the weather.  There are times when the wind picks up unexpectedly or conditions become otherwise not suitable to paddling.  If that happens, I will alert you to the conditions at my earliest knowledge of same, and will give you the choice to either reschedule (without a fee) or go ahead with the lesson with knowledge of the conditions.

If I have given you notice of poor conditions, and you decide to proceed with the lesson with such notice, then any decision on your part to cancel or reschedule due to poor conditions will subject you to the above-listed $30 cancellation fee.  All sales are final.


Here’s the deal with my rates:  we’ll use the stand up paddling rate as an example.

I essentially charge $80 per person.  I give discounts for two and three people groups,  encouraging folks to bring friends.  If you want to compare, my lessons are the same price as what my competitors charge for rentals.  I give instruction during the entire session.  That being said, you and/or your group may be combined with other individuals and/or groups, at my discretion; if this happens, your rate does not change.   There is a lot of juggling of schedules going on here and I do my best to fit everybody in.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds…only rescheduling.   Every cent we make goes right back into equipment, insurance, GoDaddy fees, and other expenses.  Krista monitors my Paypal account every hour, on the hour.  So…as soon as funds hit my Paypal account, “POOF,” they’re gone.  This creates a hassle for me because I have to wait for someone else to schedule a lesson in order to have the funds available to give a refund.  Paypal also charges me for every transaction, which is another issue that I won’t bore you with.

We require 24 hours’ notice to reschedule.  With groups of six or more, we cannot make any changes to the reservation without at least three days’ notice.  That is all.  Thank you.