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Paddle board surfing lessons Los Angeles

Our rates for SUP-surf are a bit complicated.  If you must come on a weekend, it’s a flat rate of $300 for up to three paddlers.  Each of the paddlers MUST have taken our flat water SUP class previously.  There is no credit for the flat water class.  If you can come during the week, we do $200 for the first paddler and $100 for each additional paddler, but you get credit for what you paid for the flat water class.  We are much more flexible and available during the week, so take a day off work and spend it with us!

I’ve explained this before and I’ll say it again.  Any good surfer is a great paddler.

The best surfers in the world are the best paddlers – period.  If you can’t paddle…or your stroke sucks, you’re going to have minimal fun. Now…if you have a great stroke, you’ll catch any wave you want, thus maximizing the level of said fun.

ALL of my sup surf lessons start with a flat-water session. I don’t care if you’re a totally rad surfer who did it once in Maui and twice in the purifying waters of Lake Minnetonka.  I will teach you how to move a board at top speed with little effort.

You’ll take my flat-water lesson, which is included in the price by the way (as long as you’re willing to come during the week, see pricing details above), and you’ll totally enjoy it.  If you require additional flat water paddling, you can join as many paddle sessions until you are comfortable…or until I think you are ready for waves.  Again…it’s included in the price.

I take on SUP surfing students on a case-by-case basis…and when I have time. It gets really busy in the summer and I have a hard time getting away. In the winter, I’m chasing swell.

We’re going to spend the better part of the morning getting to the spot, unloading gear, assessing water conditions, catching waves, re-loading, eating at Joni’s Cafe or Rex’s etc. You’ll learn how to enter the water with total authority. I’ll put you through different scenarios you might encounter in hostile surf situations and I’ll offer trash-talk suggestions, etc. You will also learn my proven seven-step method to success in the lineup.

For more advanced SUP surfers, I offer my tips and tricks to make friends and influence the most hardened and angry anti-SUP locals.

All  students gain access to my 24-hr support hotline.

These days, prone surfers are getting pretty savvy as to the ways of the SUP. They’ll give you one chance to prove yourself…one chance.  If you display any signs of being new or disrespectful, then out you go.

Man…I have paid dues.  I have spent thousands and thousands in busted up gear, ambulance rides, hospital stays.  I’ve dealt with the craziest of locals…some of whom didn’t speak English.  I’ve even been ordered out of the water by some of the most famous surfers in the world.

If you want to be a good SUP surfer, this will be the best money you’ll ever invest in your education.

Now if you have aspirations of going big – I’m talking places like Mavericks, Todos Santos or Nelscott Reef, I will get you dialed in.  See my section on “Big Wave Paddle Board Lessons.”

So… if you’re sick of being burned by the SUP kooks or want to avoid going through the BS that I have experienced, call or send me a note.

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