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Today…I went to some surf shops to promote – my goal is to educate the new SUP’rs on how to behave in the surf.  The line-ups are getting totally out of hand with new people that aren’t aware of protocol.  I intend to change that, so that we don’t get barked at.

I had outrigger canoe practice today…big race on Saturday.  The Tahitians are coming.  I’ll be the lead paddler (stroker) in a 6-man canoe.  My division will be the mens’ open.  Just got a call from coach Cal.  I’ll be in a good boat.

I got a text from fellow Tomahawk team member, Ty Bergman, he took out his new 6’10 SUP at Malibu and dominated.

Steve Scarantino did the same on his 10’0 longboard – standing!