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I bought my very first surfboard at the Malibu Surf Shack for $700. Within the first ten minutes of riding it, I ran into a rock and it put a quarter sized hole in the deck.

I took my dinged up board back to the shop and asked the guy who sold me the board if he could help me fix it. He took the board to the back of the shop and squirted some kind of goop into the cavity. He wiped off the excess with a credit card and lifted my board into the sunlight, thus causing the goop to harden. Within seconds, the goop was hard as a rock. The dude then said, “that will be $40 please.”

That was the last time I ever paid anyone to repair a ding.

I am very hard on my gear and in addition to that, there are about 30 boards in the rental fleet. I have gotten pretty good at fixing broken fiberglass. If you’re in San Pedro and you need your board fixed, give me a call. The summer is winding down and I’ll have time to work on things.